About Us:

The Gibraltar Naval Trust (GNT) was founded in 1921, with the aim being:

“the provision and support for facilities and activities for the efficiency and well-being of service personnel in Gibraltar”.

This is achieved in two ways; by operating Wessex House, a facility that provides good value short term family accommodation for those visiting Gibraltar and by ensuring any profit made is donated to the Gibraltar Amenities Fund (GAF) to further support the local service community.

The GNT is a registered charity (registration number 261420) in the UK and Gibraltar.


Managing Trustee - Commodore Steven Dainton CBE RN
Trustee - Commander Nicholas Baker RN
Fund Manager & Trustee - Lieutenant Commander Bali Salisbury RN

Contact Us 

Office opening hours:

Monday to Friday 9 am to 1 pm

Email:  bhbvbookings@gibtelecom.net

Telephone: +350 2007 7847